Curriculum Vitæ of Justin Bell

Phone: +64 21 146-5600

Born in 1981
Residing in Wellington, New Zealand


I strive to create functional websites that provide value to the client and user, are accessible, easy to use, yet still possess creative flair.


Freelance Web Designer & Developer

2001–2003, 2005–2007: I developed websites for various businesses including Business New Zealand Inc., Precision Ltd., and Casting Technology New Zealand Inc.
Nutcracker Communications contracted me for two large projects, involving PHP and MySQL, where I was the sole developer.

Statistics New Zealand: New Media Applications Developer

2002–2005: My role at Statistics New Zealand involved:

Skills & Qualifications

I have experience in the full spectrum of web design and development including:

In addition to my extensive web experience, I also have experience in graphic design for print, photography, video editing, and 3D modeling and animation.

I am adept at using Windows and Mac OS, and have some experience with Linux.


I have an online portfolio and a print portfolio (available on request) containing projects completed during my Computer Graphic Design and Multimedia courses.




About Me

My hobbies include photography, design, mountain biking, radio controlled helicopters, and tinkering with electronics and hardware.
Other interests of mine include architecture, music (including classical), industrial design, psychology, technology, art (da Vinci, Dali, and M.C. Escher), and science.
I also keep an interest in open source projects such as Mozilla Firefox and Wikipedia.

Contact details for referees available on request.